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Green Solutions North America Inc., formerly known as Green Standards North America Inc, has completed over 100 projects for over 60 of the largest North American companies. Since our inception in February 2006 we have been involved in multiple, repeat projects for organizations such as RBC, ConocoPhillips, CSA and Allstate Insurance Company of Canada.

Green Solutions North America Inc. (GSNA) offers Corporate Social Responsibility solutions to major Corporations such as for the disposal of redundant office furniture and IT equipment. GSNA operates across North America and can turn redundant corporate assets into charitable and educational donations locally, nationally and internationally. With a Fully Managed Service, Reporting, Case Studies and extensive PR and Marketing, GSNA can turn Corporate Social Responsibility policy into process and ensure that all redundant corporate assets are processed in an environmentally-friendly way. GSNA recycles using best environmental practice and strives to ensure zero into landfill on every project we execute.

Press Release: African schools to benefit from Green Solutions North America’s School in a Box™ program. Children at ten schools in Kenya will soon find their classrooms much more enjoyable places to learn, thanks in part to Green Solutions North America Incorporated’s School in a Box™ program. The schools, located in the Home Bay and Maseno areas of Lake Victoria, Kenya, will receive a shipment of gently used school supplies, including nearly 50 computers. Click here to read more.

Through the GSNA Charitable Trust, we are able to ensure that charities, schools and worthwhile causes around the world benefit from office furniture and IT equipment that is deemed surplus to corporate requirements. Over 95% of our donations on behalf of our Clients are to local charities and communities. In doing so, GSNA can generate enormous brand awareness and stakeholder goodwill for all of our clients including payday loans.

Call GSNA today to find out how we can help you produce real, compelling and tangible CSR results and remove the stress of disposing of redundant corporate furniture and IT equipment.


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